Frequently Ask Questions

What kind of wood is used to make your vanities?

All of our vanities are constructed from Solid Oak Wood. Our cabinets are pre-treated to be water resistant and are fitting for moist environments. 

How durable are your glass sinks and counter tops?

Our glass sinks and counter tops are made from tempered glass, which is stronger than standard glass. Tempered glass is a heavyweight and tough material, and the durability is comparable or equal to that of any stone counter top, such as granite or marble.

Is assembly required?

Unlike most similar products on the market, our bathroom vanity sets require very minimal assembly. The base cabinets are sent out fully assembled. The only assembly necessary would be to mount the sinks to the counter top (if necessary), to mount the counter top to the base cabinet, and to mount the mirrors to the wall. We recommend purchasing products for the mounting of sinks and counter tops at any local hardware or home improvement store).

How are your items packaged?

Our packaging is custom designed around each specific vanity type. We use double-corrugated cardboard with 3 inch thick Styrofoam to box all components of the vanity. Our counter tops and mirrors, depending on type and design, will be packaged either in their own separate box or with the vanity base cabinet.

How long will it take for me to receive my order after it is placed?

  1. Delivery times take anywhere from 2-10 business days, depending on your distance from our warehouse in Sun Valley, California. Orders will leave our warehouse within 2 business days of the order date. Typical transit times for the shipping carriers we utilize are 1-7 business days, so you should receive your item within two weeks of placing your order, if not sooner.
  2. If the item you have ordered is out of stock, you will receive a back order notification with an estimated arrival date, which is typically typically 4-8 weeks (depending on production and ocean freight from Asia). Please contact MTD at 818.759.0282 for further details.

Will I receive shipping / delivery notification?

  1. Your authorized dealer or MTD will be able to provide you with detailed tracking information.

What do I do if my item arrives damaged?

  1. Damages can happen when an item travels across the country. In the rare event that your item arrives damaged, in order for us to replace any item(s) free of charge or to issue a full refund, we ask you to note any damage/shortage on delivery receipt (driver's copy). Please also be sure to keep all the original packaging for the item All damages/shortages must be reported to us with supporting photos within 3 days from the date of receipt, so that we can file a claim for your replacement. Refusing delivery for any non-damage or non-defect reason is, at our discretion, subject to a 35% restocking fee and the shipping costs from and to our warehouse. Any insurance claims without a damage/shortage note on driver's delivery receipt will be declined by the freight carrier, and no refund or replacement can be made.

What kind of product should I use to clean the glass tops?

Any glass cleaning solution that does not leave streaks would be a sufficient solvent for cleaning the glass counter tops.  

What kind of product should I use to clean the stone tops?

We recommend using a natural stone polish/cleaner to wipe down our stone counter tops. There is a specific product made by 409 that is for “Natural Stone” that we have had good luck with.

What kind of product should I use to clean the cabinets?

Any kind of wood cleaning solution would work just fine, such as Pledge cleaners.

Will moisture in the bathroom cause any damage to the bathroom vanity?

Our bathroom vanity sets are all pre-treated to be water resistant. Also, we only use Solid Oak Wood and plywood for our base cabinets on cabinet drawers, rather than using MDF or fiberboard, which will eventually absorb moisture and cause the wood to bubble or split. By using higher quality materials, we have helped to minimize any wear and tear effect cause by moisture to our vanities.